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April Fools? 5 Weirdest Promo Products We’ve Seen

april fool's promo products.png

We can only imagine what could possibly be going on in the heads of whoever orders these weird promo products. With April Fool’s Day ahead of us, we thought it would be fun to share just a few of the strangest items we’ve found from online promotional product catalogs.

And if you missed it, check out our previous list of unique customizable items in case you’re ever in need of personalized toaster or USB light bulb.

1.) Customizable “TV Blanket”
customizable snuggie tv blanket with sleeves

How is this NOT everything your brand or business has ever dreamed of? A blanket with sleeves, as popularized by infomercials, but now with your logo.

Your fans will love how hip they look in this elegant, slimming microfiber piece of modern innovation.




2.) UFO Raincoat Hat for Kids
raincoat hat for kids

Why bring an umbrella when you can be the umbrella?

Sleek, waterproof, and oh-so-stylish, this incredible hat gives your loved ones the ability to walk freely without the restraining feeling of carrying an actual umbrella.

We just can’t believe you haven’t tried it sooner!
3.) Suede Warmer Insoles foot warmer insoles
foot warmer insoles
Do you need a branded solution to cold feet? Well, have we got the deal for you! These USB-charging, feet-warming insoles are a creative way to get your business name out there.

Your customers will be thanking you with each warm, fuzzy step – we think.
4.) Realistic Apple Candlerealistic apple candle
realistic apple candle
It’s a candle. It looks like an apple. Could it possibly be a real apple? That’s for you to know and your guests to find out.

And yes, you can indeed put your logo on this if you wish.



5.) Chia Petcustomizable chia pet

Your customers can now grow as your business does with a customizable chia pet!

We’re not sure why you want to represent your business with an afro-shaped Shrek or Spongebob, but this is America, and you certainly have the right to do it.

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