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Are Magnetic Name Tags A Better Investment Than Pins?


A name tag is more than just a piece of metal or plastic: it’s a symbol.

It’s something that instantly conveys to a stranger: “I can help”, “I have authority”, or “I belong here”. For many new employees, putting on a nametag is their first step to feeling like a contributing member of a team. Unlike other elements of a uniform such as a shirt or a hat, name tags identify you as a person and the moment you put it on, you are no longer a faceless employee. People know who you are – your name is forever stamped on every task you complete in the eyes of customers, coworkers, and supervisors.

Name tags are a statement for your brand, so it’s important to find out which kind will perform best for your business. In this post, we’re going to analyze one of the questions we’re frequently asked by our clients:

Which is better: magnetic name tags or pins?

Based on price point alone, it’s easy to assume that magnets are the clear winner in this debate (magnetic name tags tend to cost about $1.50 more per tag). However, as with all products, price isn’t everything. The decision rests on which features are the most desirable to the business such as quality, durability, usability, and protective factors.

magnetic-name-tags-or-pinsPins offer several benefits, the first being cost effectiveness. Some companies will include basic plastic pin backings for free or at a discounted price with your name tag order. Locking pins with metal attachments cost just a few cents more apiece than the push-and-click plastic pins, and are slightly more durable.

Durability happens to be one of the biggest disadvantages of pins. Though the price is lower, many of our clients who order pins find themselves re-ordering frequently due to the pins getting bent or damaged over time. This is because as employees repeatedly take the pins on and off, the pin becomes more fragile and prone to damage. Pins are also notorious for poking holes in clothing – over time, this can be a real annoyance as the holes start to become larger and more noticeable. Soft fabrics like cotton or silk may not support the weight of some tags, so the tag tilts forward.

Magnetic name tags have many advantages over pins, including extended durability and the ability to put them on any shirt without damaging it. Magnetic tags also have a sleeker look, sitting perfectly aligned with even the softest of shirts. Check out the side-by-side comparison of a magnetic and pin backing on a polyester shirt:


Besides a higher cost per tag, a disadvantage of magnetic name tags is that you cannot wear them with a pacemaker.

Overall Pros and Cons:

If you’re looking for a simple backing that doesn’t cost much and will last a moderate amount of time (depending on use), pin name tag backings may be your best route. If you want a name tag that will last longer with a classier, flush look and will not damage any shirt, magnetic name tag backings would work for you.


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