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Left Over Promotion Items?


As we enter the start of the 4th Quarter it’s time to do some end of year organizing and cleaning. Summer was the big push for promotional items, and now, like most companies, you probably have a closet full to bursting with old promotional items. And like most companies, these promotional products have no future except to dwell in the dark closet, forgotten, and slowly pilling up to be sure disaster for the next person to open that door. Well here are some alternative ideas to reuse or donate left over promotional items at the end of the year!

It never hurts to use your promotional products as give aways! Maybe you get an unhappy customer and need to smooth things over, a note and some promotional products are a good way to show that you care and might help the situation. These items can also be used as customer appreciation gifts for your customers. A thank you note and a free t-shirt, pencil, or stress ball can go a long way in client relations and keeps your closet from getting too crowded!

donation-boxGiveaways are always nice and appreciated by customers, but sometimes that just isn’t feasible, is too time consuming, or maybe you just have too many extra t-shirts from this summer’s parade to keep it all in the storage closet. When it comes to these it never hurts to consider donating your materials, especially clothing! These can go to homeless shelters, local schools, thrift shops, or other nonprofit organizations. This not only goes a long way in creating a connection with the community, but it also can be used as a tax write-off.


Company displays of past promotional items are also a fun and useful way to reuse old products. Not only is it fun to see the various give aways from the past, but it’s a creative way to show off your logo in a show room or meeting room for new clients. These can also be used to hand out items to walk in clients and customers so they are more inclined to remember your brand.

Of course the options are limitless when it comes to left over products when you turn to Pinterest. Extrapinterest
t-shirts become tote bags with just a few cuts and a quick seam. Rulers and pencils become fun picture frames featuring your logo and brand. The options are limitless with the DIY projects we have all become accustomed to seeing everywhere. When in doubt, turn to Pinterest, make something new and exciting without having to spend the extra money, or waste the old products.


There are a million ways to reuse and recycle old products. Save some money, put your old materials to good use, and comment with any original ideas you have about reusing promotional products!

There is something to be said about thinking outside of the box, just look at Andy and April. Frisbees for plates.



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