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Joining Forces To Provide Technology For Those In Need

Namify for years has piled up old broken computers, ending up with about 30 computers that they had no place for.

In the past, our IT department would have employees wipe older devices, reformat them, and either throw them away if they were unusable or sell them back to employees. However, this time we had an employee who volunteered to step in and help fix them to benefit those in need.

Damian Bronk, Operations Project Manager, enjoys handling computers, cleaning them, finding the bad parts, and putting them back together again.

“They really are just like legos for big kids,” said Mike Marshall, Namify’s Chief Technology Officer.

After breaking down 30 computers, he was able to salvage about ten computers worth of good, clean parts. Once he started this project, Damian knew many people who had no access to computers who could use one.

“I knew quite a few people who actually didn’t have computers… so instead of selling them, I was happy to give them out to people I know.”

After resetting the computers and putting them back together, he donated all of them to people who have lived without. Damian spent hours of his own time putting these computers back together for the benefit of others.

Mike Marshall and Damian Bronk work together to spruce up computers to donate on behalf of Namify

When he delivers the computers, those who receive them are very grateful and it makes him feel like his efforts were worth it.

“I was happy to help out, but really I just put them together – it was Namify and Mike that trusted me to fix them up and make sure they ended up in the right hands,”

We are so proud to be able to help our community and have such great employees that help us give back!

Thanks Damian for all the work you put into these computers and finding a way to go above and beyond to help others.

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