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Budget Buys: Saving Some Green on Swag (Part Two)


Being on a budget doesn’t mean your promo products have to be boring. We’ve narrowed down the most affordable promotional items on our catalog to help you find budget-friendly products that will still impress your audience.

The following product categories are great for blooming businesses or for anyone who needs products that cost less than $2 per item – some even including the cost of a 1-color print! Especially on orders with large quantities, these affordable promotional items will save you money and fit in with any budget. Click on any of the product images below to find out more about these bargain products:

Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

flower highlighter promo products

There isn’t a more diverse set of promotional products to advertise your business than customized writing utensils.

We have thousands of pens, pencils, and highlighters that can be personalized and fit to match your branding. 90% of consumers said they would keep a promotional pen because it’s useful in a recent study.




mint tin with logo affordable promo products

Metal tins of mints are a classic and are always a big hit at large events and trade shows.

With options to order with or without the mints already pre-filled, your business can go even farther with your customization possibilities. Fill it with mints, candy, paperclips or whatever best suits your needs!




Measuring Tape

branded measuring tape

Here’s a useful gift anyone would love: a customized tape measurer.

We have a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from that look great with any text or logo. If you want a sleeker look, try the retractable model shown on the right that includes a free keychain.



Stress Balls

stress ball with logo

Stress balls are an affordable promotional item that allow flexibility in spreading awareness about any brand or cause.

A time-tested classic, stress balls are a versatile product that can be given to all genders and most age groups. Your company name or logo is sure to attract loads of attention when paired with a stress ball.



Drawstring Bags

custom drawstring backpack

Customized bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the United States.

The average bag generates 5,772 impressions – that’s over 2,500 more impressions than the average hat, which ranked a distant second in this 2016 survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute.




Ear Bud Box

ear bud case promo products

We’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Ear bud containers save your headphones from getting tangled or damaged and are easy to carry with you wherever you go.

It can also be used to store change, jewelry, or any other small item.

Need More Ideas?

Visit namify.com to see a full list of all of the products and services we offer, or check out our catalog of items under $2.00 to get the best deals on your next promo product order.We can customize any product with any logo and would be happy to be a part of bringing your brand’s vision to life.

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