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25 Trending Promo Products for 2019


Trending Promotional Products for 2019

As you plan your events for the rest of this year, we wanted to give you some ideas that will help you stand out from the countless companies and products asking for attention. The items in our list range in price, purpose, and personality, but we're sure you'll find something that represents your brand well.

One suggestion we have for some of the more expensive items is to conduct a giveaway at an event. People still come up and see you, give you their info, etc., but you don't lose your coolest item(s) right at the beginning of an event, or blow your marketing budget for the year all at one event.

With that, here are some awesome trending promotional products for 2019:

1.) Cooling Towelhttps___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_1800x_f51255f3b44af26c06b7df3153d63476_T_W_TW106_ab-prime_item_96

With this summer making some record highs, this towel will help keep your future clients cool and relaxed.

  • 50/50 Nylon Polyester sport towel
  • lightweight
  • reusable hundreds of times





2.) Wireless Charger and Standhttps___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_4dbbd600fdf53ba7a939c094cfbc0c0c_P_L_PL-3535_ab-prime_item_3

Did you know that the average american experiences anxiety about their phone battery dying at least once a week? Make your brand the last thing they see before that sweet lightning bolt of relief appears on their screen. 

  • compatible with most cellphones with wireless charging capability
  • stand adjusts to 5 positions
  • may be dissembled for storage/transport





3.) Mini Charger Key Chainhttps___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_4dbbd600fdf53ba7a939c094cfbc0c0c_I_T_IT133_ab-prime_item_29

Still riding on the smart phone hype, this item provides convenient charging right from your key chain. 

  • enough charge to get most phones to 30%
  • low profile to go right on your key chain
  • includes charging cable





4.) WiFi Smart PlugWIFIPLUG

With this item, we basically guarantee everyone who visits your booth will leave thinking you're the coolest company on the planet. 

  • uses smartphone app to turn on and off
  • has timer functions
  • can be used with devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.





5.) Mini-Metal Imprint Toymetaltoy

Having a couple little toys around your desk that are low profile and aesthetically pleasing is a good way to brighten up your day. 

  • Mini executive toy made of Acrylic and electroplated Iron
  • Create 3D impressions and artistic shapes and sculptures 
  • Small enough for desk drawers.
  • Inspire creativity in the workplace.
  • Shake lightly to start over.



6.)Light-Up-Your-Logo Duo USB Wall Chargerlight up charger

There's just something about seeing your logo all lit up that's so appealing. But that's not the only reason this product is great. Sure it catches the eye, but it also ends up being pretty useful.

  • plug in your phone at night without turning phone screen on
  • light inside body of device also illuminates the logo
  • compatible with any smart device



7.)Light-Up-Your-Logo 16 oz. Bottlehttps___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_4dbbd600fdf53ba7a939c094cfbc0c0c_M_G_MG365_ab-prime_item_13 (1)

Another flashy item, this light-up water bottle is sure to make your logo stick in the minds of anyone who attends your event. And whoever gets to take it home will catch everybody's eyes wherever they go, all with your logo.

  • keeps liquids hot for 6~ hours and cold for 24~
  • 16.9 oz. (500 mL) double wall insulated bottle featuring illuminated logo.
  • illuminates logo by pressing button at base or by shaking device.




8.) Woven Fabric Bluetooth Speakerspeaker

This is a good example of a great giveaway or contest type item. This speaker looks super sleek and is obviously useful. With summer coming up and people spending more time outdoors, this is sure to get plenty of play-time and visibility. 

  • includes microphone feature for answering and making phone calls.
  • silicone carry handle.
  • playback time: approx. 3 hours at top volume
  • USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable and Instructions included.




9.) Budget Water-Resistant Dry Baghttps___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_4dbbd600fdf53ba7a939c094cfbc0c0c_B_G_BG320_ab-prime_item_11

Speaking of summer fun, if you want to associate your brand with adventure and exploration, this is just the way to do it. 

  • water-resistant dry bag made of 210T Polyester grid cloth.
  • roll up top and clip to close.
  • Holds up to 22 lbs.




10.) Leather Cord Organizer https___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_4dbbd600fdf53ba7a939c094cfbc0c0c_L_G_LG-9419_ab-prime_item_7 (1)

Even with technology becoming increasingly wireless, everyone still has at least a few wires lying around somewhere they shouldn't be. 

  • made of split leather with stainless steel snap.
  • simply wrap cord around body and snap closed to hold in place. 
  • metal split ring comes attached.





11.) Fanny Packsfanny

Apparently we didn't learn our lesson in the 90's because fanny packs have come back into style in a big way. Be a part of that trend by putting your logo on some of these nostalgic pieces today.

  • lightweight
  • multiple pockets for organization




12.) Happy Dude Cellphone Holderhappydude

Give your clients a cute little hug with this this adorable cellphone holder. This little guy features your logo on both sides so he's always showing off your logo.

  • soft polyurethane available in multiple colors
  • doubles as a stress reliever 






13.) Salad-To-Go Cupsaladtogo

Align your brand with the ever-increasing consumer trend towards health with this super convenient salad container.

  • durable 3-piece salad shaker set serves both as a lunch box and salad shaker.
  • includes large main compartment, small compartment for dressings or condiments, and fork with side storage slot.





14.) 16 oz. Game-day Tailgate Cuptailgatecup

Appeal to recycling and sports fans with this reusable tailgate cup. Even Toby Keith would be proud to hold this Solo Cup lookalike.

  • reusable 16 oz. plastic party cup 
  • made of durable double-wall tri-edge plastic
  • designed for use with hot and cold beverages.




15.) Refillable Journalleatherjournal

Anyone can hand out branded notebooks at an event, but these sleek and professional looking journals are a cut above the rest.

  • includes 128 lined sheets of 80g cream paper (approx. 6"w x 9.5"h x 0.625"d)
  • includes ribbon bookmark and PU strap closure.
  • interior cover with 3 pockets for organizing business cards.





16.) Color Changing Mood Cupscolorchange

We've all seen them before, but there's still something fascinating about seeing an object change colors right before your eyes. And if your patrons don't like them, their kids will, and that's basically just as good.

  • available in a variety of colors (and color changes)
  • works best with iced beverages






17.) Webcam Coverswebcamcover

Privacy is a concern that tons of consumers share. These simple and effective stickers allow users to slide a plastic cover on or off their webcam to give a sense of security.

  • prominently displays your logo
  • easy to slide open when you choose to use webcam function
  • large adhesive area to ensure firm hold to your computer





18.)  Pull-Topper pulltopper

Much like the popular Pop-sockets, Pull-Toppers provide a convenient solution to improve grip and stand your phone up all in a device that sits discreetly on the back of the phone.

  • multi-function Polypropylene Plastic tech device is a phone grip, stand, and cord winder.
  • includes removable adhesive for placement on back of any mobile device
  • instructions included.




19.)  Light-Up-Your-Logo Bluetooth Headsethttps___primeline.com_media_catalog_product_cache_7_image_4dbbd600fdf53ba7a939c094cfbc0c0c_I_T_IT227_ab-prime_item_21

Get plenty of attention with these eye-catching headphones which feature your logo in lights whenever the headphones are in use.
  • Playback time: approx. 4 hours
  • LED logo lights up white.






21.) Silicone Phone Standsiliconephonestand

Another phone stand solution, this item is perfect for all kinds of usage scenarios.

  • sits discreetly on back of phone
  • folds out for stand, folds in for normal use
  • made of soft silicone
  • heavy duty magnet interior that won't damage phone





22.) Travel Sleep Mask sleep mask

Great for anyone who travels, naps, meditates, or is light-sensitive in general.

  • features durable yet soft elastic back straps for comfort
  • creates seal around eyes to block out light





23.)  Phone-Cleaning Stress Ballsphonecleanersstress

These reduce stress in two ways: they're great for squeezing and for removing any fingerprints or dirt from your smartphone screen. 

  • long-lasting microfiber hairs clean thoroughly
  • functions as a screen cleaner and stress ball
  • ideal for large and small screens. 






24.)  Light-Up Charging Cablelightupcable

Featuring a dynamic lighting movement that changes depending on how charged your device is, these cables are just plain cool, this picture really doesn't do it justice.

  • logo featured on USB plug-in component
  • compatible with android and apple devices
  • dynamic light pattern depending on charge





25.)  Light-Up-Your-Logo Penlightuppen

Another light-up-your-logo product, these pens provide the same eye-catching quality but in a more affordable and scalable package. Give your consumers their new favorite pen at your next event!

  • twist-action mechanism with Metal clip and Silicone stylus tip at top.
  • features stylus tip on reverse end




We hope you've found something you like! If not, we've got plenty of other cool items we'd love to tell you more about, so contact us today! We guarantee we'll set you up with everything you need to wow at your next event.








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